I began the editing process just before Christmas.

Having encountered a lot of problems with interviewees dropping out and cancelling last minute, I was just happy to have all the footage I needed. I sat down and began to edit.

I encountered a number of issues- firstly, the music that I’d chosen to use was from a local band, which I used with their permission, however, I hadn’t really counted for the lyrics making it tricky to put under a voiceover. So I had to work at cropping the music to fit around the clips.

Another issue I had was the lack of close-ups. With a sport such as roller derby it is near impossible to get close up shots during bouts, as the teams move so fast, which gave me very little variation in clips.

I created the logo on Adobe Illustrator which I was really proud of, however making it a recurring theme was difficult. I originally included it in the intro only but it seemed out of place. Adding it as a section separator with derby definitions on was an idea that came very late on in the process.

Overall, I am very pleased with the final cut.


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