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How has starting roller derby affected you personally?- An interview with Dutch from Northampton


Going to Northampton and Warwick #traveltime

My final interviews took place up North once again. I woke up early to leave Bournemouth at 8am and drove up to Northampton to watch a mixed scrim ran by the Vendetta Vixens as their Christmas event, incorporating people from teams across the area.

I was there to interview Taryn and Lisa, who met during roller derby (they feature prominently in the film) and also find out from some other people what derby means to them and how it can be transformative!

This time, I had bought with me a Canon 5D kit, with rode microphone and tripod, and set up in the changing room opposite the hall.

After filming my interviews, I settled down to get some footage of the scrim and also take some photos for the teams playing.

At around 3pm, I was done and got back in my car to drive to Warwick (under an hour away) to film Terror, a teacher, at 7pm.

I parked in the city centre and had a wander round whilst I planned my questions and backed up my footage onto my laptop. I then had some dinner and headed off to meet her.

Final interview completed at around 8pm, I got back in my car to Bournemouth.

Travel time: 6.5 hours

Total panics: 0

Interviews completed: 5